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July 28, 2012
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Heightculation by Pallore-M Heightculation by Pallore-M
OK, I suffered a lot while doing this; still, I'm very satisfied with the lineup. I even had made a 'James colouring video' while doing this, just to test my new video recorder.

I wanted to add a little more info about the characters onto the lineup, but I've decided to leave there the notes only. I really wanted to add some info here, but nah, no one reads it anyway. And those who is curious would definetly ask.

For the lineup record:
James: 170 cm.
Nonna: 166 cm.
Victor: 197 cm.
Magda: 155 cm.
Quora: 160 cm.

PS: I hope, you like scrolling!
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hey, draw characters to order?? i need some characters...
Pallore-M Dec 2, 2013  Professional Writer
If you mean the commissions, then I do that.
raxgond Aug 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
What! Only two comments on this? Pfft!

I really enjoy seeing character lineups; it's awfully fun to see a cast of characters and be able to compare their differences. I think it helps a lot in the creation of variety in characters, as well. People should do more of these, yes? It's also nice to see a bit information on both their personalities and physical features in a nutshell; I think you've done a fabulous job on this. Each one of them has their unique charm to them, but I think I especially enjoy the way Victor is presented here. His appearance, name, and the fact that he's a nervous fellow all very much appeal to me. C:

What a nice lineup. 8'D
Pallore-M Aug 20, 2012  Professional Writer
Someone once told me that linups are dull, but... I love 'em. A nice concept practice I think :) and, yes, you can always compare the bunch.

Hm, you know, Victor gets more and more popular for hell knows what reason :XD: he never appeared in the story yet, and one guy had already made a cosplay 8D

ANYWAYS, thanks. Lineups somehow do not get much attention, but that, I guess, is the nicest thing in the series :)
Olive-Owl Aug 5, 2012  Student Filmographer
Really nice character variation and silhouette value between the cast! I enjoy the fact that Quora has a very androgenous appearance compared to the rest of the crew, and that Victor is unusual tall and nervous compared to the others. I always assumed James was the tallest of the group because of his lanky build, but I guess I didn't see any other characters next to him at the time to compare.
Pallore-M Aug 5, 2012  Professional Writer
Ah, you know, there had been an argument among the readers whether Quora is a boy or a girl after the sketch and this lineup :D I kind of enjoy it :) And I can't say Victor's too tall. He's, like, 6'5" (I have no idea what system do you use in Canada, sorry :o). It's just the others are shorties.
I'm happy someone likes it, though I'm not quite satisfied with Nonna there. I still don't feel quite comfortable in drawing curvy figure in toony style. But I try, and that's the point!
What interesting characters. You really put the meaning in "they come in all shapes and sizes"! All of them seem lovely and very interesting and unique. I especially like Nonna, as she seems the most realistic.
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