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May 29, 2012
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01. Thedas by Pallore-M 01. Thedas by Pallore-M
You might have seen the sketch at my tumblr. Y-yeah, I really was drawing the Sex, at least, I wanted to. But as there was no the Sex around, I drew Mercurio instead ('guess he was offended). And you know what? I think I'll make some more such portraits of my characters. And I, DARN, forgot I wanted to draw a pedant. I'm a sclerotic motherfucker.
And I really love how the background turned out. Not sure if anyone else does like it, and should I submit it as a stock, a pre-made background or something. Whatever~
Just download, please. The fullview is better.

And the story finally got its title! It is called 'The Jack and the Box' now, as... well, it has the box as the thing around which the story goes, and there might be a few dozens of jack-of-the-box surprises. Idk, it just came to me: 'The story should be called "The Jack and the Box"!'.

Person known as Mercurio Thedas ('Kuro' for short) was born in the eastern part of Sunny Dales at a small lumber mill owned by his father, a pretty isolated place. His dad was a heavy drinker, but he never touched the son. Well, at least before his magical talents appeared (which makes no difference for him, as he was about three when he started doing magic). Either beaten by his dad or watching his mom being violated, he grew up scared of people, a semi-wild being if you could say so. Until one day when he was about seven years old, he had enough of this. How crushed and hag-ridden a seven-year-old child should be to try to commit suicide? As he tried, after being inspired by the same action in a book he read, to hang himself using his fathers belt. He didn't succeed, though, being found by his father who, in fact, felt something's wrong going out at the house. Mother, never having nor physical, neither mental strength to confront her husband thought that this might be a good chance to save the kid, and insisted on putting him into the asylum, and the plan worked. After a few days in the rathouse at the nearest city the doctors there understood he was no psycho, but a mage whose place was at the mages academy. So he was brought there.
He accommodates not too quickly, though. After understanding that there's nothing wrong with his powers and his fathers attacks were now more then just a fear of his own son, he takes the name Mercurio Thedas (as he learns that birthnames give power) and starts learning how to use his magical gift. Though everyone in the academy admit that he's still too isolated, too offish and shut-in. It takes him over five years to get over it.
Mercurio shouldn't had known that he's one of the most gifted and powerful mages at the academy, as knowing that he started to act too aggressive and too selfish. He knew he was the strongest which sometimes meant cruelty, but most of the time - just looking down on everyone. In fact, having unstable psychics and being a teenager, he became a standard bitchy dick, that doesn't give a damn over what other people think. This way he might have 'shown' his father he can't be hurt by him anymore. Considered too aggressive he was excluded from the academy (not to mention the affair he had with his teachers wife) at the age of seventeen. Most of the mages can't survive in the world, as people there do not like magic much, and all the witches and wizards come to such places, often called academies, to have place to live, work and develop. Not Mercurio, though, he loved his freedom. And he couldn't think of spending his whole life within the white walls and dusty books; teaching some snivelling kids how to cast wasps and firebolts. So the point of being forced to leave he loved the most.
He states then that he worked at the railway as a porter with all the normal people for next three or four years. No one can prove that, though. But he might be telling the truth, as he's being too strong and quite athletic comparing to the other mages. His temper, however, changed throughout his 'living with normal people'. A little cynical and bitchy, paranoid at some point, he stopped being aggressive with no reason, though his pride does make him one nasty interlocutor. He now might be considered a hard-to-understand introvert ass who's not willing to change, but would like to be accepted despite what he is. Mercurio is emotional, over-emotional some say, maybe bad, but not evil.

Sorry for mistakes/typos, I'm willing to fix those if you'll point them out.

Free texture is free.
Mercurio is mine.
Justin Bieber sucks.
Read books.
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Ravenhart Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2012
You've been featured! [link]
DeviBrigard Featured By Owner May 30, 2012
I like the background too :D
BarnOwlSeven Featured By Owner May 29, 2012  Hobbyist
Wow, this is fantastic, along with the rest of your gallery. You're art goes unnoticed on this site, it's straight up spiffy. Keep it up! :D:D
Pallore-M Featured By Owner May 30, 2012  Professional Writer
I will keep it up, of course. Thank you for kind words, but it seems it takes both much time and subscribing to be noticed here :) not that it's my goal, really.
BarnOwlSeven Featured By Owner May 30, 2012  Hobbyist
Good. :la: And yes, I agree with you, being noticed is difficult. I only meant that people should be giving you more attention, regardless of advertising, since your art is muuuuch better quality than the majority of dA's population. :)
Pallore-M Featured By Owner May 30, 2012  Professional Writer
N'aw, thank you.
Well, may be some day they will ;) we'll see.
I guess, the secret of popularity is mostly in drawing naked chicks and anime fanart. Which I don't think I will make :D anyway, those who need will find me, and I'm here for developing, not for becoming famous or something like that ;)
BarnOwlSeven Featured By Owner May 30, 2012  Hobbyist
Well, hopefully you won't degrade to that. xD
I wish you luck in your art, I'll be watching. :D:D
...that sounded creepy. Don't take that the wrong way. Dx
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